What Is A Marketing Strategy And How Should It Look Like?

Working on a Marketing Strategy?

When you outline a marketing strategy to promote products, services, knowledge or whatever you have there is a good chance you’re thinking about doing the best you can.

Since we all are bombarded with commercials 24/7 you have an idea what it takes to deliver your message:

  • Get their attention!
  • Stand out (from the trash information at least)! Be unique!

Your message has to be outstanding in three areas:

  • How you deliver
  • What you deliver
  • Clear CTA (Call To Action)

It takes trust, which you have to built up first.

Bit of entertainment – very welcome, but be aware of the borderline to the destruction land.

Edutainment without hard selling seems to work best nowadays.

Want to see a good example?

Just click the picture below to get redirected.


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Click to see a nice marketing strategy example!

Click to see a nice marketing strategy example!


As soon as you have your marketing piece or even better an incremental sequence up and running it’s time to optimize it.

Since this will be a BIG topic of its own I’ll talk about it in a different post (maybe- depending on your comments ;-)).

It might contain information about Split Testing, Google Analytics, How to build trust and other important details of How to setup a Marketing Strategy.

Feel free to ask about such topics, I really appreciate your thoughts on this.

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